Directorate of Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation

Mr. Magnus Abraham


Directorate of Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation

Tel: +264 61-208 8411


Mission of the DAAII - to promote aviation safety through the conduct of independent and objectified investigations into aircraft accidents and incidents in conformance with

1.  Annex 13, of the Convention on International Civil Aviation organization.
2. Civil Aviation Act, 2016 (Act No. 6 of 2016)
3. Regulations relating to investigation of aircraft accidents and incidents. (2020)


DAAII is an independent investigation authority, primarily responsible for the investigation of aircraft accidents and serious incidents, to determine the facts, conditions and circumstances pertaining to the accident, the dissemination of safety information and for carrying out accident prevention activities in Namibia.

It shall not be the purpose of an investigation to apportion blame or liability to any party involved, but to take remedial rather than punitive action. The Directorate is also responsible for investigating civil aviation accidents and incidents, which occur to any civil aircraft in or over Namibia to aircraft registered in any country other than Namibia. The Director of Aircraft Accident Investigation shall, with least possible delay and by the quickest means of communication available, notify the appropriate authority of the country in which the aircraft was registered. Local and international safety trends and key safety indicators are also monitored, researched and analyzed in order to establish whether Namibia is on a par with the global civil aviation community.

Once an investigation is completed, a report is generated which includes safety recommendations made by the investigator-in-charge. This report is submitted to the Internal Accident Review Committee (IARC), which in turn will comment on the report, determine a probable cause and accept or reject the safety recommendations proposed. Should the Safety Recommendations be accepted, and should it be deemed necessary, these Safety Recommendations are then communicated to owners and operators of aircraft and other role players in the industry. Airworthiness Directives (AD'S), Maintenance Advisory Notices (MAN's) Alert MAN's and Emergency Safety Directives (ESD's) can also be issued to address problems.