Contact persons for Housing and Alienation

Mrs E. Kalomho- 2088500

Asset procurement – procedures

Acquiring of properties by means of purchase, donation and exchange


Receive request from line ministries to acquire  property for their need;Ministry of Works  to enter into negotiation with the owner of the property based on the valuation and possible conditions attached to the purchase;Once both parties agreed on the purchase price, the seller will be requested to appoint the lawyers to attend to the transfer and registration of the property On the date of registration of the property in the deeds office, the purchase price will be paid to the owner;The title deed will be forwarded to the department for safe keeping


Receive request from line ministries to acquire property for their need or based on the offer given by the donor inform Ministry of Works of the property;Ministry to liaise with ministry of lands on the evaluation of the property

After receiving the evaluation ministry of works to write submission to Ministry of Finance (treasury) for acceptance of the donation;after receiving authorization, ask the donor to draft the Deed of Donation;send the Deed of donation to the attorney General Office for scrutiny;both parties sign the Deed of Donation;send Deed of Donation to Attorney General’s Office to handle the transfer of the property

Deed office to provide Ministry of Works with the New title Deed;after receiving Title Deed, Ministry of Works to inform  line Ministry concerned in writing of the registration of the property and allocation;open file for the property


Line Ministry to identify property to be exchanged and forward the need to Ministry of Works;ministry of Works identify govt property for exchange and propose the exchange to local authority; Local authority agree in principle to the exchange;ministry of works to liaise Ministry of land for evaluation of the properties

After evaluation, Ministry of works to write to Treasury for authorization;After Treasury authorization, Ministry of Works to write Cabinet submission for approval;After Cabinet approval , seek Tender Board exemption;Obtain Deed of exchange from Government Attorney's Office

Both parties sign the Deed of exchange; government Attorney Office or Local Authority to handle the transfer/registration of the property; ministry of Works to receive the new Title Deed; inform the Line Ministry of the registration of the property and allocate

Close the file for the property disposed and open the file for the property acquired; contact persons for Procurement

Mr. M. Rhodes – Tel: 2088511/0811410466.

FAM-Procedures to be followed

Note: Kindly note that the Ministry is no longer handling normal application for official accommodation except for those official transferred by their line ministry or foreign expatriates whose contract stipulates that they should be given accommodation by the government;Motivation for official accommodation to be recommended and signed by line managers;Filling of official application form by civil servant and signed by their human resources division managers. 
Forward application to Ministry of works and Transport for discussion by the ministerial housing committee for possible allocation;After ministerial housing committee approval or reject, staff member through human resources division of the respective ministry is informed by the housing secretariat of the outcome.
On receiving of keys for official quarter a staff members is to enter into a lease agreement and make payment of a refundable key deposit of N$400 for a single quarter an N$600 for a family quarter; On cancellation the ministry requires a clearance certificate from local authority concerned as well as proof of payment of house rental (payslip)
Contact persons for Fixed Asset Management Mrs. M. H. K. Veico – Tel: 2088513/8; Determine if property is to be alienated;Determine whether property is registered in the govt’s name;Issue  an offer to sell to the legal sitting tenant; Sitting tenant to reply within 15 working days;If sitting tenant replies positively, the ministry requires the following documentation:
Copy of ID;Copy of payslip; Municipal clearance; Clearance letter from human resources division on monthly house rental; Married certificate if married;Once all documentations are in order,  a deed of sale is issued to the tenant;After deed of sale is signed by both party, guarantee for the purchase price to be provided within 30 days of signing the deed of sale
After guarantee received, property is to be registered within 90 days; If not, penalty fee of 15.5% interest will be charged; If guarantee received and property registered, ministry to present the guarantee to the bank for payment to the ministry; Municipality will be informed that the property is sold to the new tenant Transaction concluded; Property not to be sold within the period of 5 years without a written concerned by the Minster of Works; file closed.

Division of Fixed Assets Management


Mrs. Ndahambelela Hilokwah

Deputy Director

Fixed Asset Management

Tel: +264 61- 208 8513

Fax: +264 61-2088529

Main Functions - Fixed Asset Management


The purpose of the Division Fixed Asset Management is to assess the accommodation needs of Offices/Ministries/Agencies; acquire suitable accommodation by means of hire or purchase, register, manage, control and dispose of all immovable assets. The division also negotiates, conclude and maintain contracts regarding the acquisition of immovable assets by means of hire or purchase.


In order to achieve the aforesaid Purpose, the Division Fixed Asset Management is mainly responsible for the acquisition, management, control and disposal of, as well as control over the effective and optimal use of accommodation allocated to Offices/Ministries/Agencies.