Mr. Willem Kazekondjo

Acting Deputy Director
Government Garage

Tel + 264612946201

Fax + 26461236139

Deputy Director

The deputy Director is the Manager of all the eleven Government Garages throughout Namibia and has the accountability of the organizational performance, safety and security.


To be recognized as the leading and efficient National Road transport and Mechanical Service provider, with committed and loyal customers and expand services beyond.


To provide efficient, reliable and affordable transport services to all Agencies/Ministries/Organizations.

The Responsibilities

  • Overall directives, planning and control of all the quality productions, operations, safety, expenditures and revenue collection of the entire organization through the provision of reliable transport services to the Namibian Government.
  • Ensure that all Government institutions are provided with sufficient fleet of vehicles as per their respective requirements.
  • Ensuring that all required resources such as finance, human and technical are adequate provided to enable the organization meets its expectations.
  • Coordinate within and with all Ministries, Offices and Agencies  through the mother ministry to ensure that the day to day operations run smoothly.
  • Responsible for preparing organizational budget, control expenditure and revenue collection and
  • Attend to many other assignment as my be delegated to him by the Under Secretary or any other principal within the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Core Values

The values reflect the manner in which the management and staff of Government Garage will carry out their activities. The values, which apply equally to all employees, have been identified to be the following:

  • To be customer-driven and always strive to meet approved quality standards in transport service delivery.
  • To uphold a high level of professionalism in their works.
  • To maintain high degree of discipline and respect of ethics.
  • To always strive for employee development, with regard to technological advancement in the transport sector.
  • To work free of corruption, nepotism and favouritism.
  • To always pursue work in a transparent and accountable manner.
  • To provide professional technical support.
  • To provide 24 hours recovery services.

Our values will be measured through acquisition of right vehicles, maintenance and recovery services by utilizing skilled and trained personnel.


  • To acquire vehicles
  • To rent vehicles to GRN clients
  • To maintain the GRN vehicles.
  • To manage the vehicles.
  • To dispose off redundant vehicles
  • To hire skilled Human Resources
  • To increase revenue to expand the fleet
  • To ensure financial self reliance
  • To develop human resources
  • To develop a Government Vehicle Transport Policy
  • To align state fleet vehicles to suit the needs of Ministries and emergency requirements
  • To significantly improve the management of Government Garage fleet
  • To identify skilled staffs to use the Integrated Fleet Management System
  • To develop Moveable and immovable Asset Register Database for all vehicle fleet and equipments
  • To reduce Operational Costs of the Government Garage
  • To ensure Capacity Building Staff Development
  • To ensure Internal and External Customer (Stakeholders) satisfaction

The Roles and Mandate of Government Garage

Roles and Mandates:

  • To provide efficient, reliable and affordable transport services to all Agencies/Ministries/Offices and the entire GRN in cases of emergences and also in future to provide the same services to all State Enterprises and Regional Council's.
  • To acquire right vehicles, maintain, manage and dispose off redundant vehicles.
  • To ensure sound financial self-reliance, through revenue collection.
  • To hire skilled human resources, train and develop them in the areas of technological advancement in the transport economical sector.
  • To increase revenue collection through renting vehicles in order to expand the fleet size.
  • To provide 24 hours recovery services.
  • To always pursue work in a transparent, gender balance and accountable manner, free of corruption, nepotism and favoritism.
  • To provide professional technical support to the GRN.


Government garage a division under department A.C.S.S has a staff establishment of +- 500 civil servants (employees), managing state assets at values of N$ 300 millions, and an annual budget of +- N$ 150 millions. Among the assets values of human resources, buildings, tools, equipment and many accessories are +- 2700 fleet of various makes and types of vehicles.