Mr. C Mungandjela

Deputy Director


Tel: + 264 61 2088310

Fax: + 264 61 2088333


The objective of the division is to support the financial function of the Ministry, through budget planning and control, the administration of accounts payable process, the collections of receivables (revenue) and execution of payroll and daily subsistence allowances. The division also plays important role of treasury advisory services at the Ministry level.

On daily basis the division executes and consults on the following:
  1. Budget planning, and control
  2. Financial reporting to stakeholders (Management, Treasury, Planners, Auditors, Parliament ect...).
  3. Processing of payments and remuneration to Suppliers, employees and Statutory
  4. Collecting receivables
  5. Financials to Stakeholders

For help please contact relevant officials provided below:


Name & Position




Budget & Receivable

Ms. Lynnet M. Likando (Chief Accountant)



Accounts Payable

Ms. M Nuukala

(Chief Accountant)



Salary & DSA

Mr. J Uapingene

(Chief Accountant)



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