Centralised Support Services

Tel: + 264 61 2088421

Fax: + 264 61  2088141


Directorate of Centralised Support Services Key Operational Success Factors:

Strive for excellence in performance and ongoing dialogue with our customers and key stakeholders to deliver what is wanted. Strive for collaboration and partnership with strategic alliances, re best practices to inter alia work smarter. Continous improvement, co-operation and not competitiveness Obtain and possess relevant skills to all our operational activities – staff empowerment and involvement.

Spirit of entrepreneurship and Practice effective governance at all times. Be personally accountable, cooperative,  innovative, creative, courageous, orderly, disciplined and perform all work related activities within the boundaries of the Public Service Staff Rules and the laws of the Republic of Namibia. Speed implementation of activities.

The Directorate of Centralized Support Services consists of Three divisions, namely: