Directorate of Transportation Infrastructure

  • Planning and control the annual budget
  • Supervision the implementation of the infrastructure projects carried out by the relevant State owned enterprises (reporting and monitoring)
  • Ensure alignment of road network development needs (also at regional level and to accommodate requirements from local authorities) with overall Namibian Development Plans
  • Advice to Road Authority in road network planning
  • Proclamation of all roads
  • Undertaking feasibility studies, master plans, and design of transport infrastructure projects
  • Transportation Economic advice regarding multi-modal transportation planning
  • Implementation of the maintenance of State owned aerodromes that are not the responsibility of Namibia Airports Company Ltd and are not owned by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Ministry of Defense.
  • To identify and formulate technical (civil engineering related) standards applicable to Road Authority and other modes of transport.

Directorate of Maritime Affairs

  • Conduct annual and intermediate safety ship surveys/inspections to ensure the seaworthiness of the Namibian ships.
  • Inspect reports and make them available to rightful ship-owners with two working days provided all requirements are met.
  • Issue documents of seaworthiness to ship-owners.
  • Evaluate foreign maritime certificates of competency for seafarers who are to be employed on Namibian ships to ascertain their compliance with relevant international conventional standards of training, certification and watch keeping (STCW) within 5 working days.
  • Conduct examinations and issue various Class certificates of competence for Namibian Deck and Engineering Officers within a month.
  • Conduct random inspection on foreign ships calling at Namibian ports for verification of seaworthiness, in accordance with international practice on the port state control.
  • We will require that regular Eyesight test for the colour and sight purposes for bridge Watch keeping officers as well as medical test for all sea men, as required by the National Merchant Shipping Act, are conducted before going to sea.
  • Issue Seafarers Record Book for Namibian citizens sailing on board ships within 10 days.
  • Register and licence Namibian ships within two weeks of application date provided all required documents have been submitted.
  • Record of Namibian ships and seafarers will be done within one day provided all requirements are met.
  • Carry out preliminary investigation of marine accidents and incidents on board Namibian ships immediately.
  • Carry out inquiries into accidents and incidents by ships.
  • Conduct inquiries and solve crew safety problems on board ships.
  • Provide a 24 hour service to our customers in case of an accident.


Directorate of Centralized Support Services

  • Stock Provision Services
  • Auctioneering Services


  • Provide air transport service to the Head of State to local and international destinations
  • Provide air transport service to the Prime Minister to the local and international destinations
  • Provide air transport service to Cabinet Minister to local and international destinations
  • Provide air transport service to Government Officials to local and international destinations
  • Provide air transport service to the private Sector to local and international destinations
  • Offer emergency and rescue services to the nation
  • Offer special aerial services to the public and private sector


Directorate of Capital Projects Management

  • Coordinate the planning and construction of Capital Projects and related infrastructure.
  • Advice the public on matters related to the Building Industry in line with the Namibian laws

Directorate of Maintenance

  • Renovate and maintain all Government Properties and related infrastructure

Division Fixed Assets Management

  • Provide office space to the Government ministries, Offices and Agencies
  • Allocate official accommodatio