Division of Quantity Surveying Services

Ms. Violet Kaurivi
Deputy Director
Division of Quantity Surveying Services
Tel: +264 61 208 8734


Aside from the Sub-Division: Administration, this Division is currently staffed by only two (2) people, one of whom is currently still in training with a consultant firm (as required for professional registration). This Division is as a result heavily reliant on consultants.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Division: Quantity Surveying Services is to provide to the Government of Namibia, Ministry of Works and Transport: cost accounting and cost control in the creation of building and construction projects; the giving of advice, calculating, controlling, guiding and liasing in regard to construction economics, methods of procuring, contractual procedures, settling of disputes and financial control.

Responsibility / Services Offered

  • Manage and execute control over personnel and activities within the Division.
  • Co-ordinate, guide and control consultants through communication, policy directives, correspondence and information circulars in conjunction with other Divisions (Architectural and Engineering Services).
  • Gather, record and appraise evidence for consultant performance evaluations.
  • Provide support within the field of Quantity Surveying to other Divisions.
  • Scrutinize, check and approve contractors' payments, consultant Quantity Surveyors fee accounts and project final accounts.
  • Provide assistance to the Director with respect to preparing budgets, relevant inter-ministerial communication, National Planning Commission requests and enquiries.
  • Liaison with the Institute of Namibian Quantity Surveyors and the Council of Architects and Quantity Surveyors.
  • Gather and record information from consultants e.g. monthly project reports.
  • Implement tender procedures, payments to contractors, guarantees, Tender Board submissions and approval of variation orders.
  • Liase with project co-ordinators regarding project programmes in an attempt to complete projects on time and within budget.
  • Prepare estimates, specifications, bills of quantities, monthly payment certificates and final account for all in-house quantity surveying work.
  • Gather statistics on materials, contractors' performance, unit costs, etc. on government projects.
  • Assist Directorate: Maintenance (Divisions: Maintenance and Fixed Asset Management)

Operational Plans and Objectives

  • Continue to provide the services of exceptional standard to the Directorate: Capital Project Management, The Ministry of Works and Transport and the Government in general.
  • Fill the outstanding posts within the Division and thereby improve efficiency.
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Additional Services

Despite being understaffed within the Quantity Surveying Division the Division is currently assisting the Directorate with Project Co-ordination duties.


Should complaints or queries regarding the division arise the contact person is:

The Director: Capital Project Management – Tel: +264 61 208 8713

Customer Responsibilities

Customers are required to

  • Provide all the relevant information and supporting documents relating to any request.
  • Identify an available knowledgeable liaison person.

Contact People

With reference to general Quantity Surveying information:

Deputy Director: Ms. Violet Kaurivi – Tel: +264 61 208 8734

Sub-Division: Administration

Functions and Responsibilities

This Sub-division is responsible for rendering general administrative services to the Directorate : Capital Project Management such as:

  • Administering, maintaining and managing tenders and contracts for the Directorate.
  • Analysing and controlling financial construction project payments per Ministry
  • Maintaining and managing the Centralised Computer Data Bank and record keeping of required statistics on all capital projects / programmes and accounts of the Directorate.
  • Administering legislation regarding the Architecture, Engineering and Quantity Surveying Professions and related matters for example the Schedule of Disbursements.

Contact People

With reference to general Sub-division: Administration information:

Chief Control Officer: Tel: +264 61208 8733


Budget Control

This section is responsible for financial control and cost analysis of Capital Projects/ Programmes per Ministry as well as general financial management such as budget preparation, commitment registers, economising functions, payment of all construction capital project account.

Contact People

With reference to general Budget Control information:
Chief Control Officer: Tel: +264 61 208 8733
Control Officer: Mr. S.E. Cloete Tel: +264 61 208 8731


Tender Services and Contract Management

This section is responsible for the administration of legislation on the Architectural, Engineering and Quantity Surveying Professions' Acts and Government Notices.

Currently these Acts are

  • Architects' and Quantity Surveyors' Act, 1979 (Act No. 13 of 1979) and
  • Engineering Profession Act, 1986 (Act. No. 18 of 1986)

Government Notice

  • Tariff of fees chargeable by Architects and Quantity Surveyors
  • Namibia Council of Architects and Quantity Surveyors membership
  • Engineering Council of Namibia membership


With reference to general Budget Control information:
Chief Control Officer: Tel: +264 61 208 8733
Control Officer: Mr. S.E. Cloete Tel: +264 61 208 8731


Should complaints or queries regarding the Division arise the contact person is:
The Deputy Director: Quantity Surveying Services:

Ms. Violet Kaurivi– Tel: +264 61 208 8734