Department of Transport


Mr. Jonas Sheelongo
Deputy Executive Director
Department of Transport
Tel: +264 61-20888803
Fax: +264 61-2088226



The Department of transport is responsible for transport in the different modes, namely road, rail, air and sea. Its mission is to ensure the provision of safe and efficient transport services and infrastructure in the country in balance with demand in the different modes.

The Department of Transport in structured into five directorates, namely:
Directorate of Maritime Affairs

Mr. Patrick Silishebo
Acting Director
Maritime Affairs
Tel: +264 61-226848
Fax: +264 61-220024


The objectives of the Directorate of Maritime Affairs are to ensure safety of life and property at sea; prevent and combat pollution of the marine environment by ships and to promote Namibia's maritime interests.


Marine Pollution Coastal Sensitivity Maps
Directorate Railway Infrastructure Management (Affairs)



Mr. R Kalomho
Railway Infrastructure Management (Affairs)
Tel: +264 61-2088206

Railway Vision Statement:To provide seamless, efficient, affordable, customer-friendly and environmentally responsive integrated railway transportation solutions for the future.

Mission statement needed
  • Railway shall serve as a medium of inclusive growth, connecting ports, communities and regions, major economic centers of industry, commerce and tourism across the country.
  • The spread and availability of railway services will be continuously expanded and improved by its empowered and satisfied employees using cutting-edge technology.
  • It shall create a railway of the future that permits an increased number of rail passengers and freight transportation.


  • to plan, design, construct, maintain, manage and control the railway infrastructure (both civil and rolling stock) in the country
  • To ensure the provision of railway services, in compliance with National Transport Services Holding Company Act (Act No. 28 of 1998).
  • To ensure continued provision of reliable railway transportation services by maintaining, upgrading and rehabilitating railway transportation infrastructure.
  • To extend the Namibian Railway Line System by planning and developing rail infrastructure connecting major economic centers  to the rest of the SADC region


The directorate deals with Railway Network Development, Maintenance, Rehabilitation as well as modernization of rolling stock fleet.

Directorate of Transportation Infrastructure Management
Directorate of Transportation Infrastructure

Director- Ms Asteria Nasheya

Transportation Infrastructure Management
Tel: +264 61-2088624
Fax: +264 61- 2088441

  • To ensure the development of modern transport infrastructure for roads, aerodromes, harbors and waterways.
  • To ensure optimal utilization and management of transport infrastructure projects assigned to the Directorate.
  • Ensure integrated sectoral planning.
  • Advise the Minister on all transport infrastructure planning matters.

The Directorate consists of two divisions:

  • Division Transport Infrastructure Planning
  • Division Transport Infrastructure Management


Division Transportation Infrastructure Planning

Deputy Director -Vacant

Tel: +264 61 2088421

Assistant Engineer - Dr. Matheus M. Tawana

Tel: +264 061 2088701


Assistant Engineer - Mr Natangwe S. Nekuiyu

Tel: +264 61 2088727


Assistant Engineer - Ms Helena Imalwa

Tel: +264 61 2088759


Economist - Mr Naville Geiriseb

Tel: +264 61 2088702


Administrative Staff - Mr Tuazikama Ngaruka

Tel: +264 61 2088722



Division Transportation Infrastructure Management

Deputy Director - Vacant

Tel: +264 61 2088421

Assistant Engineer - Mr Lucky Simwanza

Tel: +264 61 2088758


Assistant Engineer - Ms Rosalia J. Ashipala

Tel: +264 61 2088701


Assistant Engineer - Mr Lewis I.P. Andreas

Tel: +264 61 2088759


Administrative Staff - Ms Vitjitua-Ije Kamunguma

Tel: +264 61 2088721


Directorate of Transportation Policy and Regulation